The differences between Polls, Contests and Quizzes

Polls for Pages, Contests for Pages and Quizzes for Pages are the three tools we offer to help you interact with your fans and grow your business on Facebook. In this blog post, we look at the main differences between these apps so you can decide which ones best fit your needs.

Polls for Pages

The polling app was the first we introduced back in 2010. This exact same app is also offered under the name Surveys for Pages. Here are a few things you can do exclusively with polls:

  • You can design paginated polls where each question is displayed on a separate page. This can be useful for long questionnaires.

Contests for Pages

Form contests are very similar to polls. You build a questionnaire that participants fill-in for a chance to win a prize. Here are a few exclusive features of the contest app:

  • A "Fill-in with Facebook" button lets participants pre-fill their name and email with their Facebook profile info.
  • You can launch comments contests from your page timeline.

Quizzes for Pages

The quiz app is our latest app and although it has a lot in common with polls and contests, there is a distinctive twist depending on the type of quiz you're building:

  • Knowledge quizzes have a concept of right and wrong answers. Participants get a score at the end of the quiz. Think of it like a multiple-choice questions test.
  • Personality quizzes will have different outcomes depending on a participant's answers.

A few more things to consider

  • The three apps are also offered in French, Spanish, Portuguese and German.
  • We don't offer bundles. Each app is a separate offer and they all share the same plans and prices.

Try out the different examples to help you make your mind.