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Track Your Ads Performance With The Facebook Pixel


Boosting your contest with a promoted post is a great practice to increase its visibility. This lets you target a specific audience and reach people outside your immediate circle of fans and friends. But how can you track your campaign performance and know how many people actually answered your contest as a result of seeing your ad? How can you re-engage with participants in order to promote your business?

The answer to both these questions lies in the Facebook Pixel. The pixel allows you to track participants so you can assess the effectiveness of your ad campaigns and then target these same participants as a Custom Audience in your next campaigns.

Bulk Import Options for Multiple-Choice Questions

When adding a multiple-choice question to a contest, it can be tedious to create each option and type in the different choices. Today we are introducing a new feature to make it easier to import many options at once. When creating a question, look for the "+ Bulk Import" link. When you click that link, a popup opens with a text box where you can type in or paste many options at once.

Receive Email Notifications for New Answers


We just added a feature that was long overdue. You can now receive an email notification each time someone answers your contest. You were already receiving notifications through Facebook and now you will get both by default. You can configure how you wish to be notified (email, Facebook or both) from the Advanced Options of the Configuration section of your contest.

Create Polls, Contests and Quizzes from your Enterprise Account


Today we have great news for our Enterprise subscribers. When you click the "+ New" button to create a new promotion, you will see a menu asking you to choose how you would like to interact with your audience. You can select one of the following: poll, contest or quiz. This gives you access to all our apps from a single account.

A New Domain Name For Your Contests


Today we updated the domain name used for sharing contests to make it even shorter. The domain has been effectively replaced by throughout the app. This shorter URL will be easier to type in a browser's address bar.

Changes To The Contest App

Following the Facebook privacy stories of last week and the European Union GDPR regulation coming into force next month, we made a few changes to the Contests for Pages app to give participants more explicit control on the information they share with contest creators. Here are the changes you will notice starting this week when creating a contest:

Das machen wir mit den Infos aus Ihrem Facebook-Profil

Angesichts der aktuellen Nachrichten zum Umgang von Drittparteien mit den persönlichen Informationen auf Facebook erhielten wir zahlreiche E-Mails von Menschen, die wissen möchten, was wir mit den auf Facebook erfassten Daten machen. In diesem Blog-Beitrag möchten wir Ihnen erklären, wie unsere Anwendungen sicherstellen, dass Ihre persönlichen Daten geschützt werden.

Erstens sind wir ein Abonnement-Dienst. Das bedeutet ganz einfach, dass wir davon leben, dass die Nutzer für das Abonnement unserer Dienste zahlen. Wir zeigen keine Werbung an und wir verkaufen keine der über unsere Apps gesammelten Daten. Das ist nicht unser Geschäftsmodell, wie auch klar aus unseren AGBs und unseren Nutzungsbedingungen hervorgeht.